Delta Ray
C++ / DirectX
My first attempt at a ray tracer. Everything was working with the expection of reflections introducing artifacts into the image at random locations. While I want to deal with this, I'd rather rebuild the whole thing using DirectCompute.
Status: Complete.
C# / XNA (Executable)
Outer Space Pong - in 3D!
Status: In Development - Currently undergoing a rewrite to take advantage of XNA4
Logic Game
C# / XNA (Source, Executable)
The concept of this came from an old game called Rocky's Boots. The idea is to use logic gates to control the color of beams of lights. Each beam has a red, green, and blue component, which can be affected by logic gates of the same color (compound colors affecting the associated colors).
Status: Prototype
Controls: Arrow Keys move cursor. "A" selects component type (wire, fork, gate) "D" rotates through current components. "X" places components. "W" removes components. Esc exits.
C++ / Win32 Console (Source/Executable)
A zero player implementation of the classic War card game. The computer plays War against itself and reports back on the results.
Status: Completee
Knights Passing Solution
C++ / Win32 Console (Source)
Simple program that solves this puzzle: Two groups of three knights approach each other while riding single file down a narrow path.  They stop one horselength apart, and both declare that they will not deviate from their course.  Each knight may walk one space forward or jump over another knight, so long as the destination is empty.  What order of moves makes it possible for the knights to pass each other?
Status: Complete