Kevin Salicos
Bachelor's of Computer Science
Portland State University 2010
Classes and projects of note:
Exit Games, Summer 2008
My primary focus was designing a framework of scripts that automated the testing needs on a web based golf game. My testing suite could sign up new users to the game, verify settings, and play through an 18-hole course. I also created and ran manual test scripts and worked with other testers to debug multiplayer aspects of the game. Primary tools: AutoIT, JIRA, Mindmap
TechWise LLC, 2005-2007
IT Consultant
I was the sole point of contact for IT needs of client businesses ranging from 2 to 250 workstations. I provided remote server monitoring and preventive maintenance for our clients as well as onsite diagnostics and repair. Several clients had larger IT projects that required me to research, design, and implement complex IT solutions. Examples would be migrating their IT department to a ticket tracking system and training them on its use, as well as designing a time tracking system for specialized billing needs. Primary tools: Server 2003/AD, SQL server 2005, WSUS,, Symantec AV Enterprise, Exchange
Freelance IT Consultant, 2000-2005
Self Employed / 1099
My most common contract was to configure and deploy batches of workstations for local business. Several times, I was the main point of contact for workstation migrations and upgrades. I worked as a bench technician several times, and specialized in laptop repair. I briefly ran an on-site service for personal computer repair, and enjoyed working with home users to solve their problems. Primary tools: Ghost, Windows 98/XP, Duct Tape